Rob Campbell (with Larry Ellis)


Description:Listen to Larry Ellis speak as he reveals a bit of his life story, as the CCC leadership begins to prayerfully seek The Lord's favor in naming Larry as an "Overseer" for CCC ...!

Resurrection Stories

Rob Campbell


Description:On this special Easter celebration, we hear from 3 of our very own tell their personal "resurrection stories"! Very powerful!!

On Mission With Christ

Bobby Arnold


Description:Our very own missionary, Bobby Arnold (Macedonia), speaks to us on what it is to be a missionary! Also witness a powerful "Cardboard Testimony"!!

God, Our Healer

Rob Campbell


Description:Listen to 3 powerful testimonies of healing!

Where Is God When It Hurts?

Rob Campbell


Description:Due to audio difficulties during filming, the first portion of the "Encounter Testimony" can't be heard -- it will become audible about half-way through ... We apologize for the inconvenience!